Apply your startup

Investment Target

The formula of our ideal startup is 1/3 emerging market, 1/3 capable team, 1/3 defensible technology and 100% of execution and commitment.

Angels4Impact is going to invest in startups with the following features:

  • legally founded
  • skilled management team in its sector
  • highly scalable business model
  • opportunities that can be accelerated with the support of our investors
  • possible exit strategy within 5-7 years
  • request of investment from 100.000€ and 500.000€, even in co-investment with another Business Angel or Venture Capital fund
  • business model with impact features

When to Apply

The Angels4Impact candidacies are possible throughout the year. The Angels meet 4-5 times a year.

30 days before the meeting we communicate the deadline to select startups to present to members.

We suggest to apply a bit in advance in order to give us the time to evaluate your startup the best way.

If a startup submits his candidacy after the deadline for an event, it will be evaluated for the next meeting.

How to apply

You have to upload your application on our platform Gust.

We need the information and the documents illustrated in the five sections of the platform for consider your application valid.


  • short description of the startup (needed)
  • contacts (needed)
  • entrepreneurs and team names (needed)
  • name of previous investors (optional)
  • amount of funds already received (optional, but recommended)
  • amount of funds required (needed)
  • if you have a prototype, a market test or clinical trials (if relevant) – (highly recommended)
  • investment phase of the startup (optional)

A Pitch Deck of maximum 10 slides is required for the presentation


  • names and roles of management team (needed)
  • target market (needed)
  • problems you want to solve (needed)
  • product and service offered (needed)
  • market and sales strategy (needed)
  • competitors (needed)
  • competitive advantage (needed)
  • business model (needed)
  • the financial situation for the current year and forecast for at least 3 years (needed)
  • amount of funds already received (optional, but recommended)
  • amount of funds required (needed)
  • type of funding requested (needed)
  • pre-money evaluation (needed)
  • business plan (needed)
  • financial forecast of at least 3 years, beyond the present (needed)
  • patents and operating and/or market test results (recommended)

We recommend to download

Our Application Guide 
for more informations.

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for information about criteria.